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FIRM HISTORY Rex-McGill, Inc. was incorporated in 1987 as a Florida corporation by Charles W. Rex III, MAI, and Randall L. Rex, MAI. The company has direct roots to Rex-McGill Investment Company Inc., which was formed in the City of Orlando in 1926 by J. Walter Rex, Charles Walton Rex, Sr., and Forrest McGill. In 1932, Charles Walton Rex, Sr. became an Organizational Member of the American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers (AIREA), with Certificate No. 43. Four generations of Rex’s have been principals in “Rex-McGill”. Succeeding organizations have included Rex-McGill Realty, Inc., and Rex-McGill Appraisal Company, Inc. J. Walter Rex is the great grandfather of Charles W. Rex III and Randall L. Rex. Randall L. Rex has been associated full-time with “Rex-McGill” since 1980. Charles W. Rex III is no longer a principal in Rex-McGill, Inc. Rex-McGill, Inc. has further expanded its business to include Real Estate Brokerage and Asset Management. These services range from “high end” single family homes to commercial properties such as hotels/motels, office buildings, industrial buildings, large scale developments, etc. The overall geographic area serviced includes most states in the Southeast.
Rex-McGill, Inc. has ongoing experience in a full range of real estate appraisal activities, including commercial, residential, and special purpose properties. We provide appraisals for financial institutions, attorneys, governmental agencies, corporations and individuals. In addition, we provide a wide variety of market studies and consulting services.   Rex-McGill, Inc. was re-organized in 1987 for the purpose of developing an organization that provides quality appraisal services with maximum MAI involvement. The structure of our organization allows us to efficiently take on a large array of projects. These projects are accomplished in a timely manner with the best in quality services. Additionally, we have specialized in large projects over the past several years for both private and public clients.   The Firm’s library contains sufficient information for research and all necessary data to accomplish its appraisal assignments. Sources include Real Estate Data, Inc. publications, Microdecisions, Appraisal Loopnet and Comps Costar, on-line property appraisers records, public records on microfilm, plats, aerials, etc. In addition, our Firm’s sophisticated computer system includes a database of market information on sales and other real estate activities, which allows our staff to access the most recent and accurate information possible.