Asset Management/Disposition


The Asset Preservation Group (TAPG) provides real estate asset reposition services. The Asset Preservation Group provides the client with full encompassing real estate services including value preservation, asset management, and final disposition. Because our professionals have proven business experience on the bank-creditor side as well as on the business-debtor side, we are able to clearly communicate to both sides the specific circumstances, problems and solutions involved in each particular situation. We are able to clearly explain the lender’s position(s) to the debtor and help the lender understand specific problems that the debtor may encounter resulting in the current financial position of the property. Our service is important during an asset’s period of financial restructuring, foreclosure, REO or other hardship.


With TAPG, you have access to expert witness testimony from professionals with the industry and case experience you demand, including large dispute cases. With TAPG, you have the confidence and peace of mind that a team of experts is part of your team. Our experts are the backbone of our company consisting of real estate professionals including appraisers, research analysts, builders, developers, bankers and financiers.


The approach that TAPG takes is significantly different from those of other groups entering into the “receivership/consultant” business. We understand the importance of retaining and hiring the appropriate individuals or corporations to provide the very best service. In other words, we rarely directly handle the listing of a property. We retain the most qualified Broker for the property type and location in order to dispose of the property at the highest price at a reasonable marketing period in a declining market. In the same vein, we research each market to determine what subcontractors are trustworthy and reliable.


Our goal is for the Special Asset Division of our Clients to have direct access to the Principals of TAPG in order to quickly and appropriately address any issue regarding an existing portfolio asset or a proposed asset to be managed by TAPG. Our belief is that our success is measured by the quality of the management and timely disposal of the asset.